If you workout and don’t take a selfie, did you really workout?

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Anonymous asked:
How many cookies and squats do I have to eat and do to get my ass as defined as yours?

About 100 cookies a day and squat until you die ✌️

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Anonymous asked:
Have you got any tips for keeping motivated on loosing weight ?

Honestly it has to come from within. I see it all the time with clients. Some clients workout everyday, are super keen, and are literally giving it their all when it comes to effort. They want to lose weight so badly and I can tell by their behaviours. The clients that aren’t motivated never workout (outside of our sessions together) and have a lot more trouble with their diet.

If you truly want to lose the weight, you will go to the gym everyday, you will eat well, and you will lead a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t all in, you’re not going to see results. You need to want this more than anything.

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