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Happy because I finally quit my stupid job and today is my last day 🙌

Anonymous asked:
Which job did you quit?

My personal training job. I didn’t want to be public about this when I was still working there, but I was so incredibly unhappy and stressed having that job. Training is fun, but the sales aspect sucks, and I hate the feeling when clients blame you for them not reaching the results they want, ugh. I feel so liberated now that I quit! :)

Anonymous asked:
Progress pics?

I’m feeling fat lately sooooo no haha but when I have a good body day I’ll let ya know

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Hairs getting so long omg

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Anonymous asked:
How many girls was your bf with before you? Did it matter/bother you in any way?

Well I don’t want to give out personal stuff about him online, but the amount of girls he’s been with doesn’t matter or bother me. As long as he’s only with me now, that’s all I care about.

Well let’s cross that off the bucket list #bestbdaypresent #whistlerbungee 👌😳

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Anonymous asked:
What are you up to this weekend? What are you wearing rn?

This weekend I went to whistler for my bday with my girls and my bf and we stayed in a condo and it was actually the best weekend ever :)