Attempting a casual red lip today 👄

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Why haven't you updated in so long???????????? We miss you!

Ahhh sorry! It’s been a crazy couple of days! I spent 2 whole days packing which was so hard, and then on Monday night I flew home back to Vancouver! Yesterday I had a ton of errands to run, plus a ton of friends to see (PLUS I AM NO LONGER LONG DISTANCE WITH MY BOYFRIEND YAY) and today I woke up early and worked out and I applied at my gym to work as a personal trainer :)

So yeah, it’s been crazy hectic, but now that I’m getting back into a routine I’ll try to update more often :)

I’m done packing so I’m taking selfies until my flight in 2 hours



Happy Easter!

So pretty!

Thank you :)

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YAYYY SO PUMPED FOR YOU! I’m going into Kin too! How did you like it?!

I loved it! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Best program ever! If you have any questions about it send me an ask!

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congrats!! my uncle’s a kinesiologist - it’s such an amazing profession! good luck, love :) xx

Thank you so much! I don’t know if i’ll work as a kinesiologist for the rest of my life, but I’m excited to see where the degree is going to take me! :)

Happy Easter!

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After 4 years, I officially have my Honours B.Sc. Specialized in Kinesiology!!!!!!! I HAVE A DEGREE!


everyone who likes coconut water is lying

Pizza is 100% my fav food. Especially when I get to eat it in bed

Gonna be MIA for today and tomorrow. Need to study as hard as I can. I self controlled by computer, so if I update, it’ll be by phone (and we all know I’m too lazy for that). Wish me luck! Final push!


The things i get into when i don’t have to work. Oops guys i got a tattoo! 

This is gorgeous Kim I love it!

It’s my last day of studying for undergrad ever so obviously I have to selfie

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It would be great to find a girl like you in real life! Need someone to challenge me in my fitness, diet, takes care of herself, who is also cute, and does spontaneous things, like piercings.

This is one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face! I hope you find your girl soon! ♥ :)